For Business


appyShopper is easy to use for you and your customers. It allows you to understand, anticipate and influence customer behaviour so that you can maximise revenue for your Business.

By effectively communicating promotions in real-time directly into the hands of shoppers, you reach a far larger target audience with your promotional messages that you do with any other form of marketing.


With appyshopper you can now target your audience directly and quickly through text, images or video information via a combined mobile app & website. The information is visible at the same time in both an app and web application.

You can decide when the information is published; it can be done either instantly when the data is sent or it can be scheduled to appear at designated time.

The advantage is that you can communicate directly to your target audience with “a single data input” to two different platforms within minutes.


Data entry is simple. You do not need specialist equipment just a PC with Internet access. Because the content is uploaded over the internet you can communicate to your customers as often as you want or for multiple locations, communicate different content.
The advantage is that you control your own content and do not rely on third parties. This makes it not only fast, but also independent.


We use state of the art technology, so that you are delivering not just “plain” data but information with added value, instead of just communicating information only about the location of parking garages why not inform customers about available parking spaces?

Why not only presenting restaurants and do not offer ticket and table reservations?