appyshopper is a service package so that you can successfully communicate in app & web. Our service includes not only the technology but we are also enthusiastic marketers and experienced project managers. That is, we think in complete solutions and support you in the implementation – where you have a need or a full-service provider in all areas.

Project Management

We work with you to design, name and conceptualise the app & web solution, help you develop strategies to the contents and functions and assist you in contacting potential participants. Of course we are also available after the launch as a contact person. By the way, to concept development is also the question of whether you want to offer as a free app and Web service or make a profit.

Content Management

We will inform you and your participants about the simple data collection, and the many uses of the app & web. And if you do not want to transfer to the individual participants, the content management or cannot afford it, then we can help you to capture the contents to maintain and update. As “Quality Manager” we regularly check your data for completeness, quality and consistency.

Marketing Management

Due to the high relevance value you can expect a strong “viral effect”: your apps & web solution will get around fast. But that alone is not enough. A good starting point and important success criteria are initially a marketing plan at the beginning. Then the advertising service can be significantly scaled down. A cost effective solution is to link the app & web with existing promotional activities and products, e.g. with loyalty cards, gift cards or customer and employee clubs. We are happy to help you develop and implement an effective marketing strategy.